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Teaching is not easy! We have days that we feel like we just can’t keep going. Hopefully, within this site you can find resources that make your days easier. Enjoy!

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This book is amazing! It’s a cute little story with a great lesson, and the pictures are stunning!

M. Harrison

Review on Buffalo Moon

I loved it! I know my grandchildren will too!

B. Terry

Review on Buffalo Moon

The behavior card really helped me with a student. Thanks for the great idea!

Student Behavior
K. Myers

Review on The Behavior Card

Wow! I purchased the Law pdf and glad I did. My colleagues and I thank you for bringing these to our attention.

J. Adams

Review on 10 Teaching Laws You Need to Know

This book is great for Native American Heritage Month!
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Buffalo Moon

Take an adventure with these two unlikely friends as they use their strengths to reach a common goal!

Jemma and June

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